Our four pillar method has been carefully honed over 15 years to provide the most effective approach to change and transformation.

Everything we do is grounded in science and constantly evolves with the latest nutritional, behavioural and sports science. See the latest research on our method.

We’ve helped thousands of clients in over 47 countries so far. We’ve been recognised as industry leaders by Tatler for the last 6 years. We’re regularly asked to contribute to a variety of media outlets.

We’re proud to be an ambassador of The Prince's Trust ‘Change a Girl’s Life’ initiative, to which we donate a minimum of 1% from every programme.



  • We believe everyone can and should feel their absolute best
  • Quick fixes are nice, but lasting change is our passion
  • We believe that everybody and everything matters


  • We believe that expertise beats exposé every time
  • We achieve change with proven science and insight that works in the real world
  • We are always authentic and honest; trust and integrity are our foundations


  • We believe in consistency and commitment – we do what we say we will
  • We’re motivated by kindness, care and compassion – always
  • We aim high and enjoy the journey, celebrating progress over perfection


Louise Parker has been transforming clients’ lives for over 20 years. Whilst studying for her drama degree, she qualified as a personal trainer and spent the next decade training clients all across the world. An inspirational coach, Louise identified the importance of embedding lasting change at a behavioural level rather than only focusing on nutrition and exercise, laying the foundations for our method today.

Louise created her Method for anyone wanting to lose weight: busy mums, fitness fanatics and everyone in between. That includes everyone at The Parker Practice, because we’re all too familiar with fad diets and quick-fix solutions.

Louise knew how traditional weight-loss plans could quickly become emotional roller coasters, leaving you drained of energy and sapped of confidence. Which is why she’s always treated her clients not as hardcore gym bunnies, but as normal people with the same hang-ups and negative experiences we can all relate to. She recognised the typical struggles and frustrations, and from that came to the conclusion that the secret to losing weight is nurture not punishment.

Louise has published three Sunday Times Bestselling books and is regularly featured in the press. Louise is an ambassador of The Prince's Trust ‘Change a Girl’s Life’ initiative. She personally coaches a small number of clients each year; typically those with demanding lifestyles or exceptionally high-profiles.

Louise splits her time between the clinic in London and her home in Sussex, and has three daughters aged 13, 11 and 7.


We’re proud to be an Ambassador of The Prince’s Trust ‘Women Supporting Women’ group. The mission of Women Supporting Women is simple: to provide the right help to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build their own futures through employment, self-employment, education or training.

Over 44 years, The Prince’s Trust has become expert in supporting those in particularly challenging situations, which range from mental health problems, growing up in the care system, victims of sexual abuse, involvement with in the criminal justice system and long-term unemployment.

We donate a minimum of 1% from each programme to The Prince's Trust as well as supporting the campaign actively throughout the year. If you would like to get involved please contact us.


Available either in person or remotely

Our Programmes are available across the UK and worldwide, either in person at our clinics in London or remotely via Zoom or FaceTime.

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