Parker Practice: Covid-19 Updates


Although the restrictions have been lifted for the general public from 19th July, the government is urging us all to continue to take care as the number of cases is still high and rising. As a healthcare setting, we have a responsibility to keep our clients and ourselves safe and as such, we will continue to practice with caution during visits to Walton Street, as per the NHS guidelines.

  1. We kindly ask you do not attend our clinic if you are feeling unwell or are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. If you, or someone you live with feels unwell, please follow government advice.
  2. Your temperature will be checked on arrival in clinic and if it is raised, we will ask you to kindly leave the premises and rearrange your appointment virtually.
  3. Please try to maintain social distancing throughout your appointment at Walton Street. To help with this, please try to arrive at your designated time and leave immediately afterwards to minimise use of the waiting areas.
  4. You will be expected to continue to wear a face covering during your appointment covering your nose and mouth. Face coverings are provided in the waiting areas if needed.
  5. Please make use of the hand sanitiser stations provided throughout our Walton Street clinic rooms.
  6. During your appointment, should you wish to use our bio-electrical impedance weighing scales, we will direct you on how to operate them to maintain social distancing and we will not be taking physical measurements for the same reason.
  7. We are disinfecting contact surfaces in clinic rooms and door handles after each client consultation.
  8. All payments are taken by phone or via bank transfer to minimise handling of bankcards and cash.
  9. And finally, we will continue to offer virtual appointments if this is your preference or if you are having to self-isolate.

Thank you for your co-operation.

The PP Team