Strong Foundations

Our practice is built on the strong foundations of our expert registered dietitians and personal trainers, supported by a network of psychological therapists, behavioural coaches and other medical specialists.

Our programmes are built on the four pillars of the Parker Practice Method with each one tailored to your needs. We focus on helping clients create sustainable behavioural, lifestyle and habit change, which also results in remarkable physical transformations.


We help you create a lifestyle that you’ll love, guiding you away from fads and pseudoscience, and soothing you with solutions that are compassionate, honest and real. What’s more, we want to make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible. No more feeling confused, exasperated and worn out. Instead, we’ll create long-lasting solutions which bypass the traditional, demoralising setbacks.

We understand that the process can sometimes feel slightly uncomfortable and indulgent, but there’s no shame in wanting to feel your best and invest in your long-term health and wellbeing.

We also understand that when you start a Parker Practice programme, you’re placing your trust and faith in us. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and with passion.

We won’t promise miracles, but what we do promise is that if you throw yourself into the Parker Practice Method with unbridled determination, commitment and more importantly, enthusiasm, you’ll be rewarded with exciting change.

Will it be life changing?

We like to think so.

Ready to change?

Whether you’re trying to change for the first time or have spent years struggling with your weight, wellbeing and willpower, our dietitians and personal trainers have the experience and expertise to help you achieve the change you’ve always thought impossible. And they’ll do so by focussing on what you already do well, while gently changing certain behaviours and isolating the habits that hold you back. You really are in the safest of hands.

To date, over 18,000 people in more than 47 countries have completed the Louise Parker Method, and of course, that includes everyone here. We all have families and hectic schedules that simply don’t allow for rigid diets and intense workout regimes. We eat food we love, train when we can, and feel no guilt. We’ve learnt to live our healthiest lives, and would love to help you achieve the same – on your terms.