“What has made this programme so useful for me is not the quick-fix weight loss (although that magically appears too) but a longer term resetting of entrenched habits of distorted thinking, reacting, comforting myself with food.”

“I was unsure of joining a 'programme' and had little expectation, I was ready to make a change, and was really doing it just as a way of getting started. My expectations were totally exceeded. I found I looked forward to the webinars, the knowledge of the dietitians was incredibly impressive, I felt I had access to the best.”

“It is now simply ‘the way we live’ which is so sustainable for the long term. I would not have believed beforehand that I could actually eat more than before and lose weight quite so dramatically.”

My husband is also a total convert to your method too. I am so much stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been and for the first time in years, I am confident in my own body shape.

Clare, Surrey
Hayley, London

"Finally the focus wasn’t dieting – it was about being the best at living. I did the 12-week programme and I felt absolutely great."

I had forgotten in 30 years of dieting how to just live. This isn’t a weight loss programme, it’s a life programme that helps busy people to live beautifully...

Lindsay, London

"With expert nutritional lifestyle guidance and personal training, I’ve been able to get steady and consistent weight loss."

I’ve regained my confidence, wearing great clothes and am enjoying a social life once again. Most importantly, I feel fit and healthy for the first time in ages.