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5 Surprising Ways a Dietitian Can Help You Lose Weight

Whether you’re fed up with feeling flat or envious of that friend who seems to always have their mojo, there’s often a ‘moment’ when everything clicks together and you realise you’re ready for change. Sometimes this means weight loss, but more often it’s about lifestyle change where the consequence is a physical result.

And whilst it’s empowering, that ‘change moment’ can also be the point of maximum confusion. You’re then faced with a mountain of information – some good, some bad – to sift through and decide which route you’re going to take to make that change.

It’s daunting, intimidating and can confront you at a time when you’re at rock-bottom. It’s why our starting point is always kindness because we understand the fear that can come with change.

It might seem obvious that a dietitian can help you with lifestyle change (because they’ll will help you with your diet choices and whether you’re better eating sultanas or satsumas). But because our approach is personalised and in-depth, we get to cover loads more than food with you. Here’s a few things we can help with which might surprise you, and a handy tip or two that you can follow today.

1. Team You

During those days when you can’t motivate yourself to do the things you know are good for you — like cook a delicious meal and get a workout in — your dietitian is also your lifestyle coach. They’re your cheerleader and lend a guiding hand to keep you on track with your goals. You can think of your Louise Parker dietitian and personal trainer as your “success” partners, which is like having an expert accountability partner who is determined to help you succeed. Your success is their success — your coach will celebrate all the little victories you have throughout your 12-week Transform programme.

LP tip: If you find your motivation can waver at times, why not partner up with friends, set your goals together with smaller mini-goals each week. Working together is proven to be more successful than going it alone.

2. Help Transform Your Mindset

Our programmes focus on change and we know it can be challenging to keep a positive mindset. If you are focused solely on the goal in the distance, you might miss the smell the roses on the journey. “Think Successfully” is one of our four pillars of success because reaching your goal is not only dependent on how well you eat and how often you move your body — your mind can, and will, help you or stand in your way.

Negative self-talk and the many times you say “I can’t” to yourself will slow your progress, or could even stop you dead in your tracks. Your LP dietitian will help you rewire your thoughts. Our medically registered dietitians are trained in neuro-linguistic programming and behavioural therapy, which will set you up with a winning mindset and help you enjoy the process as well as the results.

LP tip: The way you talk to yourself directly links to your progress. Be extra mindful of the language you use and the words you think or say. If you hear ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ ‘good/bad’, pause and think about the positive way you can re-frame this. For example, a chocolate bar isn’t ‘bad’ or ‘good’, it’s just a chocolate bar with no feelings or emotions. It a choice you make and so do it positively. If you choose to have it, enjoy it, savour the moment and then move on positively with your day.

3. Prescribe Success

For many of us, taking daily medicine to keep on top of a health condition is very normal. However medicines can directly or indirectly impact the lifestyle change you’re trying to make. The beauty of working with our dietitians is that they are medically trained and will take time to understand any medication you’re on, and ensure that you programme is perfectly balanced and optimised for your overall health.

We often work alongside your consultants and GPs as part of a joined up team focused on your health. Our clients frequently come to us with conditions including:

  • IBS, bloating and poor gut health
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Perimenopause or menopause
  • Fertility and IVF
  • Metabolic syndrome conditions includign PCOS, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes
  • Type I and Type 2 diabetes

LP tip: Always ask your GP before embarking on a lifestyle change or transformation to make sure that they’re happy with what you are doing and that it is safe as part of any treatment you are undergoing.

4. Get You Excited about Food

Our dietitians not only design a programme that works for your lifestyle, but they help with a meal plan and lifestyle changes too. “Eat Beautifully” is one of our important pillars of success. What you eat obviously affects your results, however it also impacts your mood and lifestyle every single day.

Your LP dietician will get you excited about food with a meal plan that is full of vibrant recipes and food that tastes delicious. Flavour is your saviour when it comes to lifestyle change. If you love what you eat, then it’ll become habit. If you don’t, it very likely wont. You really don’t have to sacrifice taste or pleasure.

LP Tip: Stock up on condiments and flavour enhancers. Seasoning your food well, adding a touch of chilli, cinnamon or fresh herbs can transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation. Look for things that don’t contain sugar (like tomato ketchup) and go easy on high-calorie options like mayo or ready made dressings. We love Tabasco, mustards, fresh herbs and a little balsamic vinegar.

5. Sleep is king

Sleep is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle. We help you make it a priority. We’re proud to have partnered with Sleepio to help you optimise your sleep. The beauty of this app is that it allows us to work really closely with you to build positive sleep habits. We won’t only say ‘try sleeping more’, we’ll get down into the detail with you and help you build a positive evening routine. Sometimes this will meaning resetting your nightly plan – often it means resetting those around you to so that the kids go to bed a little earlier, or a loved one helps with preparation for the day and it doesn’t just fall on your shoulders.

LP Tip: Digital detoxing is proven to help improve the quality and quantity of sleep you achieve. In the last hour before bed, turn your devices off to reduce the amount of blue light which stimulates your brain. Instead, opt for a warm shower and paper book to unwinned and decompress from the day.

If you’re tired of the constant cycle of fad diets and exercise routines that don’t work, and you’re looking for a sustainable and results-driven approach, give us a call today and book in for a consultation with our experts.

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