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Louise Parker At The Forefront Of Industry Research

Today, our Lead Registered Dietitian Nicola Marsh and Senior Registered Dietitian Mercedes Gutierrez-Mares attended the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s (BSLM) conference to showcase research, based on the incredible work that takes place behind the orange door.

We have always been committed to upholding our responsibility as leaders in the field to drive forward innovation while staying true to what is evidence based and client centred.  I am delighted that both our abstract and poster submissions were accepted for our dietitian-led one to one and group programmes.

I am so proud that we are at the forefront of an emerging discipline of lifestyle medicine, presenting recent research with the BSLM delegates and other like minded health care professionals.  The BSLM members include clinicians (primary and secondary care) public and allied health professionals, researchers, scientists and educators.

Particularly in light of the challenges presented by in-person gatherings, it has been such a wonderful opportunity to gather together with other experts within the world of lifestyle medicine in this entirely virtual conference today.

What is evident is that we are all united by our commitment to support positive behaviour change through evidence based, science informed solutions for health and wellbeing transformation.

The BSLM conference continues until the 3rd – 5th September so do join live if you would like to see the work we are showcasing on ‘A Clinical Audit of Weight Management in Private Practice’ and ‘A Positive Psychology-Coaching Group Lifestyle Intervention for Weight Management: Proof-of-Concept Trial’. Alternatively, tickets are also available following the event.

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