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Getting started with The Method

Successful weight loss shouldn’t include deprivation and starvation. There is a way to lose weight naturally while having fun, eating delicious food and finding the balance your life needs. It’s called the Louise Parker Method. This tailor-made programme gives you the tools you need to lose weight sustainably by teaching you healthy lifestyle changes, how to eat good-for-you food and exercise routines that fit into your busy schedule, as well as giving you the support needed to maintain a healthful lifestyle.

We start your TRANSFORM programme with a consultation to discuss your goals so that we can tailor the best plan of action to help you reach them. You’ll get weekly 1:1 consultations with a medically registered dietitian throughout, which enables you to stay on track with your diet. To help you learn the best foods to eat, we include a personalised food plan — this can be tailored for vegetarians and vegans, or if you have specific food allergies.

We know you have a busy life with family and work obligations, so if your weight-loss programme doesn’t flow seamlessly into your life, you won’t stick to it. It’s no wonder that people who try to lose weight on their own mostly fail. If you lack support through the process, it makes it very hard to succeed. As one of our personal trainers, Cassie, says, “the weekly consults with us and the dietitians is what really drives the results, as well as encompassing all aspects of our clients’ lives.”

The Louise Parker Method will help you to discover a more balanced lifestyle, boost your metabolism and energy, and sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of. The Method programme is based on four pillars of success. Our expert team links the four pillars together to make the journey to your ultimate goal fast, achievable and enjoyable. We’ll discuss each pillar in this blog post so you can get familiar with our system and understand why it works.

Eat Beautifully with a Balanced Diet Plan That’s Tailored to You

Our tailored meal plan has you eating a balance of fresh, real food, evenly spaced throughout the day to keep you in the fat-burning zone and feeling great. Your Louise Parker dietitian will consult with you on your dietary needs, preferences and lifestyle, and include delicious recipes in your programme along with practical tips for when you are on the go. We will teach you how to make better choices when eating out and on holiday as well. Cassie explains, “there’s a common misconception that certain foods make you ‘gain weight’ when, in fact, it’s a lot more complex than that. As dietitians, we look at your diet as a whole and understand that all foods can be a part of a healthy, balanced diet (yes, even cheese and wine!)”

Work out Intelligently

Train with our expert team either in your own home or in our private studios in Harrods, London, with tailored workouts designed to perfectly complement your nutrition plan, goals and lifestyle. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll teach you how to train in the most intelligent, time-efficient way, combining the maximum amount of fat burning and toning while boosting your metabolism. We know that if exercise is a chore, you won’t stick with it, so your exercise programme will be fun and challenging in the best way.

Think Successfully

To be successful in any weight-loss programme, you must have balance and weave new healthful habits into your everyday life. We’ll help you cultivate a winning mindset so that each part of your new lifestyle becomes second nature. Our four-pillar method provides sustainable weight loss results in the minimum amount of time, so no matter how busy you are, and even if you’re always travelling or on the move, we can help you train your brain to think successfully. Weekly coaching techniques from our registered dietitians will motivate and inspire you throughout your programme.

Live Well

The key to long-term weight loss success is making practical and realistic lifestyle changes that you can sustain, even long after your Louise Parker TRANSFORM plan is complete. We will teach you how to manage and reduce stress, sleep better and create the balanced lifestyle you so desperately need — all while having fun in the process. Think that’s too good to be true? See what one of our clients has to say about her TRANSFORM journey:

“Finally the focus wasn’t dieting — it was about being the best at living. I did the 12-week programme and I felt absolutely great. I had forgotten in thirty years of dieting how to just live. This isn’t a weight loss programme; it’s a life programme that helps busy people to LIVE beautifully — something that people forget.” — Halee, Calgary

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