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The Method in the Madness

We know that resetting your habits and transforming your body is complex. There’s a minefield of information available, some good, some truly awful. It can set you on the road to contradiction and confusion. But just because it’s complicated, doesn’t mean it has to feel hard or miserable. It’s why we designed Louise Parker programmes to be so different. So you can make the changes you want in a positive, sustainable way.

Over 18,500 clients worldwide have followed our award-winning method. And whilst the awards are a nice endorsement, what we love most are the proven results. On average our clients lose 1% of body weight each week in the first 12 weeks of their programmes. Importantly, our focus on sustainable habit change means that the results they achieve last. This is the real buzz for us – making life-changing impacts with every client.



Every body is different, every mind is unique and every lifestyle personal to you. However the science that drives lasting body transformation isn’t. Our method takes the latest research on nutrition, behaviour change, exercise, sleep and stress management, and integrates it all into a programme which is tailored to work for your lifestyle.

Whilst it can be tempting to go for a ‘bespoke’ approach, what you’re potentially doing is starting from a blank sheet of paper. This might be successful – but it might not. It’s effectively a one-person experiment with no proof it’ll work. With our programmes you get an approach that comes with a 15-year track record. And which has helped over 18,500 clients worldwide with programmes tailored to your lifestyle.

We track our every result incredibly closely and analyse all the data every month. The results are astounding but we’re not satisfied with our data alone on this. We’re partnering with the top dietetic universities and commissioning in-depth academic research to continually improve the work we do.


With a large proportion of lasting body transformation and weight loss driven by the food you eat, prioritising your nutrition is key to reaching your goals. But if you’re stressed all the time, not sleeping well or have long-established thought processes which sabotage your progress, then you’re setting yourself a challenge which can feel like a white knuckle ride.

It’s why our programmes integrate the four pillars of our method to help you navigate the barriers and obstacles that can stop your progress.

  • Eat Beautifully
  • Live Well
  • Think Successfully
  • Work Out Intelligently.

Your dietitian will tailor your programme so that you get the right advice and coaching when you need it during your programme. There’s no one size fits all; one week it might be a scientific explanation of the role of hormones that affect weight loss, the next it could be a coaching exercise to help reset your thought patterns around food or a discussion to help you balance your family and work-life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our testimonials, take comfort from our awards or read our press reviews. As The Independent puts it, our programmes are ‘quite simply the most intelligent weight loss programme out there’.

If you’d like to speak in-depth to one of the team or to clients to get a first hand insight, we’re happy to help. Just ask as we’ll share as much information as you need to help you understand how the programmes will work for you.


With more wellbeing information available than ever before, it’s hard to know what to believe and who to trust. It’s why one of our three core values is ‘Expert-Led’ and this guides us to only recruit the most qualified professionals to join our team.

All programmes are directed by a registered dietitian (RD). Ten years ago, we made the decision to only employ RDs because:

  • They’ve completed a minimum of 3-years study to gain their degree (and most of our team have 4- or 5-years as they have Masters qualifications too). They really know their stuff. (you might be surprised to know that there is no minimum qualification needed to work as a nutritionist or nutritional therapist)
  • RDs are the only qualified health professionals that can assess, diagnose and provide nutritional coaching at an individual level.
  • RDs only work with evidence-based methods and approaches and we’re proudly 100% fad-free
  • RD’s training equips them to help with the widest range of dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian etc) and medical conditions (IBS, gut health, diabetes etc). If you’re unsure whether we can help you with your specific needs, contact us to find out more.
  • It’s a medically registered and regulated profession and so they’re not allowed to promote anything to clients which they don’t need. We hate pressure selling. You’ll only ever receive honest client-focused care at LP. It also means that if we can’t help or we think another specialist is more appropriate for you, we’ll be totally upfront about this.
  • RD’s medical background means they know how to work with other specialist and medical practitioners. They’re comfortable working with medical conditions and prescriptions you may be taking. If you want us to speak to your GP, consultant or physio as part of your programme, we’re really happy to.
  • RDs have to follow a CPD programme. We go way beyond the minimum requirements with all our dietitians following a comprehensive development programme across all four pillars of our method. This includes neuro-linguistic programming accreditation as part of our dietitian development curriculum.
  • We partner with the top dietetic universities in the UK providing placements, coaching and mentoring for dietetic students.


Our personal trainers are outstanding and coach our workout method for the most effective, efficient way to train. But we realise that every PT can and probably does claim this. So what makes us different?

Well, firstly our PTs really are outstanding! With an average experience of over 8-years in the industry and with top qualifications supporting the coaching they provide, you’re working with an elite team. We only invite the very best to join our team.

Crucially, our PTs also work closely with our dietitians meaning your training is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your programme. So you have great fitness working hand in hand with expert nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching. We tailor your programme making sure you have the energy when you need it and that your training is perfectly aligned to your nutrition. Working together we can make sure you’re progress is exactly on track, and if not, work together to change it.

a woman doing yoga with a kneeling instructor guiding her

Secondly, we train where it’s most convenient for you. The training you do has to work with your lifestyle. If it’s inconvenient it won’t last. You can workout with our trainers in our private studios in Harrods or in your home, or you live further afield with video workouts. If you can’t visit our Harrods studios regularly, we can record your workout so that you can repeat it at home with all the coaching cues to ensure your form is spot on. Our sole focus is to make working out part of your daily routine whatever life throws at you.

We also huge supporters of most other forms of exercise and so if you’re already in a good routine with your fitness, we won’t encourage you to break it and train with our team – unless there’s a really good reason for us to suggest it. Here’s Louise offering her support to add Pilates to your workout routine – we don’t offer Pilates – however it has loads of benefits and so we’re happy to advocate it.


We believe our approach is unique and is the most effective, sustainable transformation programme anywhere. We know there are 100’s of fads, gyms and coaches who claim to offer the same end results as LP programmes. However saying you can do something and actually delivering it is a very different thing.

Our promise is simple. Everything we do will always be based on:

  • Our proven, award-winning methodology
  • An integrated approach across all the elements you need for lasting transformation
  • Programmes led by expert dietitians using evidence-based coaching focused on lasting change rather than short-term results
  • Expert dietitians and personal trainers working in unison to help you achieve your goals
  • A team dedicated to provide outstanding client care for you with kindness at our core



We’re a little biased of course but think the best way to get all of the things we promise is to follow a Louise Parker programme whether in our books, 1:1 programmes or shortly to be launched group programmes… However if that’s not an option for you right now, whatever approach or plan you’re following, we recommend you ask yourself these questions?

  • Have I seen reliable proof that the plan I’m following actually works? Including how often it works? What are the average results?
  • Am I following a plan I will still be following in 5-years time? Remember, if you want sustainable results you need to change your lifestyle first not once you’re at your goal. Does it adapt for the obstacles that my life will put in front of me?
  • Whose advice am I listening to? What are their qualifications and are they trained in all the things they are coaching you?
  • What is the motivation of the person I am listening to? Are they driven by commitment to your success and do they show passion to help you achieve this?
  • Does your programme make you feel good? You should feel great on the journey rather aiming to feel the benefit once you reach your goal.

If you’re uncomfortable with your answers to any of these questions, our advice would be to take a step back. Re-think and change your approach until you’re happy that you’re on the right path. Of course, we’d love to help you with a programme too and if you’re interested, feel free to call 0203 862 5401 or book in for a complementary lifestyle consultation to find out more about how a programme could help you.

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