Q&A with Louise - Parker Practice

Q&A with Louise

I recently caught up with the lovely people at Humprey Munson for a Q&A, talking all things transformation.

It was fascinating talking to the team there. Despite the very different worlds we operate in (wellbeing vs kitchens!) our approach is remarkably similar. We’re both obsessed with transformations which go so much deeper than the physical result. At LP we want to create lasting lifestyle change where the consequence is physical but the focus in on your behaviours. At HM, their obsession is transforming the way you live and interact with your kitchen – which for many is the hub of home life. They achieve by creating the ideal kitchen for your the way you live.

We also share the same belief that to create life changing experiences, you need the very best team of experts. And they have to be as passionate about your goals as you are. Expertise combined with passion is the most powerful combination.

Click here to read the full interview.

(As I’m now compelled to declare, this isn’t an ad or anything I’ve been paid to do. Although if Humprey Munson want to help with a new kitchen, that would be very well received indeed!).

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